15 Questions You Shall Always Ask Yourself

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15 Questions You Shall Always Ask Yourself

Are you fed up being a person of circumstances? Ultimately there’s a point when we all are, when we want to create the life we want for ourselves. When we want to define our own course.

These are the 15 questions you must ask yourself regularly— at least once in a week. If you actually want to drive the results, then it’s highly recommended to choose a buddy for accountability. It is intended that you and your buddy may hold each other accountable for what you have to accomplish during the disclosed period of time.

These questions are intended for an authentic inquiry into yourself, not a mere questionnaire. So the effective way to go through this inquiry is to read the questions calmly, take a pause and inquire.

  1. Are you well?
  2. Are you eating in a way that supports you?
  3. Are you exercising in a way that supports your body being healthy and in shape?
  4. Are you rested?
  5. Are your relationships in good shape? In other words are people nurtured and inspired around you?
  6. Are you living up to your standards for yourself?
  7. Are your house, car and work place clean?
  8. Are you employed as you want to be?
  9. Are your finances in good shape? In other words, is your cheque book balanced, are your bills paid, and are you up to date with your creditors?
  10. Does your presentation and conduct represent a Team Leader/ Captain?
  11. Is your integrity in regarding the terms and conditions you have agreed to?
  12. Are you in communication with the person to whom you are accountable?
  13. Is there anything you are avoiding?
  14. What miracles and breakthroughs occurred in your life this week?
  15. Is there anything you need to immediately work up on?

Stick to this inquiry for at least 3 months and you’ll see the miracles. Now, look for a buddy and set weekly accountability time and enquire each other regularly.

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