JKSSB Online Preparation For Synonyms & Antonyms- I

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JKSSB Online Preparation For Synonyms & Antonyms: Level 1

These are the chosen twenty questions from the topic ‘Synonyms & Antonyms’ for JKSSB upcoming examinations. However, these are level one questions, means almost all the aspirants shall be able to answer maximum of them correctly.

1. A truely respectable old man is a ripe person?
A. senior
B. mature
C. perfect
D. seasoned
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2. The soldiers repulsed the enemy?
A. defeated
B. destroyed
C. rejected
D. repelled
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3. She deftly masked her feelings?
A. hid
B. flanted
C. oblique
D. obscured
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4. Vendors must have licence?
A. One who drives a car
B. One who works in a hospital
C. One who is employed in food serving
D. One who is engaged in selling
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5. They will not admit chidren under 14?
A. allow
B. receive
C. accept
D. concede
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6. The jewels have been stolen from her bedroom?

A. embezzled
B. asserted
C. yielded
D. abdicated
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7. The soldier showed an exemplary courage?
A. flawed
B. faulty
C. ideal
D. boisterous
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8. They served fruits after the dinner?
A. assisted
B. obliged
C. waited
D. offered
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9. The comitte should recommend his name to the government?
A. praise
B. advise
C. counsel
D. suggest
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10. Her silence was taken as tacit agreement?
A. hostile
B. implied
C. overt
D. general
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For questions 11 to 20, choose the appropriate antonym for the given words.

11. Shallow
A. High
B. Long
C. Wide
D. Deep
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12. Explicit
A. Elusive
B. Allusive
C. Ambidextrous
D. Ambiguous
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13. Immune
A. Free
B. Vulnerable
C. Powerful
D. Weak
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14. Vague
A. Clear
B. Dull
C. Unknown
D. Shady
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15. Humility

A. Dignity
B. Cruelty
C. Anger
D. Pride
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16. Terminate
A. Hasten
B. Begin
C. Deport
C. Change
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17. Inert
A. Active
B. Lazy
C. Strong
D. Resolute
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18. Humble
A. Rich
B. Powerful
C. haughty
D. Strong
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19. Superious
A. Truthful
B. Authentic
C. Credible
D. Original
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20. Curtail
A. Lengthen
B. Shorten
C. Entail
D. Close
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