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JKSSB Graduate Level Paper December 2015 Cancelled | Fully Solved with Responsive Solutions

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1. Select the right meaning of the underlined idiom:
He struggled to pass himself off pass himself off as a nobleman.

A. Dress
B. Pretend
C. Live
D. Speak
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2. Select the right modal for the blank:
Walking on the beach, we ______ sight of a strange bird.

A. Catch
B. Catching
C. Caught
D. Catched
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3. Fill the blanks with the right pair of words:
My____ to you is that you should_____ yourself to the situation as quickly as possible.

A. Advise, adapt
B. Advise, adopt
C. Advice, adapt
D. Advice, adopt
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4. Fill in the blank with the right option:
Rahul is happy as his uncle is _________ tomorrow.

A. Arrived
B. Arrives
C. Arriving
D. Arrive
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5. Select the right co-ordinate clause for the sentence:
Many were called for the interview_________

A. Or few are chosen
B. But few were chosen
C. As few were chosen
D. And few were chosen
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6. Select the correct preposition for the blank:
The present speech is mild, contrasted _________ his past utterence on the same subject.

A. To
B. Against
C. For
D. In
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7. Rearrange the sentences in meaningful order:
A. In addition, learners should also be taught to write letters associated with the day to day running of life.
B. Writing letters is a good way to learn communication skills.
C. For example letters to invite and thank speakers, letters requesting research information etc.
D. Learners should be encouraged to write real letters wherever possible.

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8. Select the right synonym for the underlined word:
Everyone knew of her wonted Kleptomaniac habit, and hid things when she came to visit them.

A. Unusual
B. Exceptional
C. Extraordinary
D. Customary
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9. Select the correct preposition for the blank:
His paralysed arm is insensible ________ pain.

A. For
B. With
C. To
D. From
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Read the following paragraph and answer the question that follows:
King Francis was a great lover of all kinds of sport; and one day he andhis courtiers, noblemen and ladies, sat watching wild savage lions fighting in the enclosure below. Amongst the courtiers sat count de Lorge, beside a beautiful lady of noble birth, whom he loved and hoped to marry. The lions roared and bit and tore each other with savage fury, until the king said to his courtiers, “Gentlemen, we are better up here than down there!” The lady, hearing him, thought she wouldshow the king and his court how devoted her love was to her. So he dropped her glove among the fighting lions, and then looked at count de Lorge and smiled at him. He bowed to her, and leaped down among the savage lions without hesitation, recovered the glove, and climbed back to his place in a few moments. Then he threw the glove right in the lady’s face. King Francis cried out, “well, bravely done! But it was not love that made your lady set you such a dangerous thing to do, but her vanity!”
10. He bowe to her, and leaped down the savage lions without hesitation.
The pronoun her refers to

A. The lion
B. One courtier
C. His lady love
D. The queen
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11. Fill the blanks with the right pair of words:
A mother has to ______ the pangs of giving ______ to her child.

A. Bear, birth
B. Bare, berth
C. Bare, birth
D. Bear, berth
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12. Select the right tense for the blank:
She ______ the soup, to check whether it needed more salt.

A. tasted
B. is tasted
C. taste
D. tasting
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13. Insert the right article in the blank:
There was once ________ holy man who lived alone in ________ hut.

A. A, a
B. An. an
C. The, the
D. A, an
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14. Fill in the blanks to complete the conversation meaningfully:
Guest: ___________________
Receptionist: There are 45 rooms in all, ma’am.

A. Do you have comfortable rooms in your hotel.
B. Do you have many rooms in your hotel.
C. How many rooms are there in your hotel.
D. Can you count the number of rooms in your hotel.
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15. Select the right synonym for the underlined word:
The soldier’s fortitude made him famous in the eyes of his countrymen.

A. Nobility
B. Courage
C. Timidy
D. Coyness
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16. Insert the right article in the blank:
__________ banyan tree grows to a huge size.

A. A
B. An
C. The
D. No article
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17. Insert the right article in the blank:
He drove his car at ________ speed of hundred kilometers _________ hour.

A. A, a
B. An, an
C. A, an
D. The, a
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18. Select the right co-ordinate clause for the sentence:
Have you heard about _________

A. Why has happened?
B. What has happened?
C. Where has happened?
D. What is happened?
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19. Select the right modal for the blank:
The robbers ________ him a blow on the head.

A. Deal
B. Dealing
C. Dealed
D. Dealt
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20. Rearrange the sentences in meaningful order:
A. The evil within it and its hatred and loathing towards mankind.
B. An escape from death, an escape from Hammond’s failure and shattered dream.
C. Jurassic is ultimately a story of escape from the island.
D. Whereas in Frankenstein the story is of Frankenstein’s pursuit of the monster he created.

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21. Which of the following countries is the first to win the FIFA world cup?
A. Brazil
B. Portugal
C. Mexico
D. Uruguay
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22. Which of thefollowing was a part of the Gondwanaland?
A. South America
B. North America
C. Russia
D. China
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23. Which of the following committes recommended constitutional status for local bodies?
A. Balwant Rai Mehta Committee
B. L M Singhvi Committee
C. Ashok Mehta Committee
D. Swaran Singh Committee
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24. The Indian Language that has the highest number of registered newspapers/periodicals is
A. Marathi
B. Hindi
C. English
D. Malayalam
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25. Which of the following is the first ‘made in India’ sports car ready to enter the market?
A. Mahendra Scorpio
B. Tata Safari
C. Mahendra Balero
D. DC Avanti
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26. For the match between which of the following teams was the football legend, Pele, the guest of honour in Kolkata?
A. Chennaiyin against Delhi Dynamos
B. Delhi Dynamos against Atletico de Kolkata
C. Atletico de Kolkata against Chennaiyin
D. Atletico de Kolkata against Kerala Blasters
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27. Who among the following received the Bharat Ratna along with Sachin Tendulkar in the year 2013?
A. Madan Mohan Malviya
B. Professor Amartya Sen
C. C.N.R. Rao
D. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul kalam
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28. Which among the following is the correct definition for cottage industry in an economy?
A. A business or manufacturing activity carried on in people’s homes.
B. An industry that can be placed and located anywhere without effect from factors such as resources or transport.
C. An industry which is the part of country’s economy concerned with the provision of services.
D. An industrial undertaking which is engaged in the manufacturing of parts, components, sub-assemblies, etc.
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29. Which one of the following countries hosted the 18th SAARC summit in 2014.
A. Sri Lanka
B. Nepal
C. Maldives
D. India
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30. Who among the following is appointed as the new Ambassador of India to Japan in October, 2015?
A. Sujay R Chinoy
B. Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa
C. Arun Kumar Singh
D. Subrahmanyam Jaishankar
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31. Which one of the following is CORRECT with reference to econometrics?
A. The application of stastical and mathematical theories to economics.
B. Calculations with regard to supply and demand.
C. It is a branch of macro-economics of mathematical methods.
D. It is a branch of micro-economics of mathematical methods.
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32. Which of the following is the INCORRECT description of the Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso?
A. He is the 14th and Present Dalai Lama.
B. He is the spiritual and political leader of china.
C. He is the longest living Dalai Lama.
D. He has been bestowed with the Noble Peace Prize.
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33. The currency of Greece before 2001 was?
A. Euro
B. Drachma
C. Sterling
D. Cent
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34. Who will be the coach of the Indian men’s hockey team till the Rio Olympics to be held in 2016?
A. Michael Nobbs
B. Roelant Oltmans
C. Jose Brasa
D. Terry Walsh
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35. Who is the famous blogger (writer) selected for the prestigious sakharov Prize for human rights awarded by the European Union for the year 2015?
A. Nelson Mandela
B. Kailash Satyarthi
C. Raif Badawi
D. Narendra Modi
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36. The process of adding sulphur to rubber is called
A. Pulverisation
B. Vulcanisation
C. Sulphurisation
D. Stabilisation
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37. Which of these is FALSE with respect to a dictorial rule ?
A. A dictator takes slow decisions by consulting people who work for him and his subjects
B. Dictators are not restricted by constitutions or parliaments
C. One main individual rules the country
D. The governed are usually not consented in any way
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38. The highest Indian medical award given in India is
A. Dr. B.C. Roy Award
B. Padma Vibhushan Award
C. Bharat Ratna Award
D. Dhanwantri Award
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39. Which of the following books is not written by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam ?
A. India 2020- A vision for the New Millenium
B. Wings of Fire
C. You are Born to Blossom
D. The Discovery of India
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40. Which one of the following countries is the runner-up of the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup ?
A. New Zealand
B. Australia
C. Srilanka
D. South Africa
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41. Which of the following is the second longest glacier located in Himachal Pradesh ?
A. Bara Shigri Glacier
B. Gangotri Glacier
C. Dokriani Glacier
D. Gorgarang Glacier
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42. In which of the following places of India was Asia’s first Export Processing Zone established ?
A. Chennai
B. Gujrat
C. Kandla
D. Cochin
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43. The Civil Disobedience Movement in India was in the year
A. 1920
B. 1930
C. 1922
D. 1942
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44. Which among the following is a fuction of the International Court of Justice ?
A. Award Punishment to criminals recognised by the Interpol
B. Warn countries and fine them for war crimes
C. Uphold the rights of the members of the UN when it is infringed by the other members
D. To settle legal disputes submitted by member countries
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45. Which among the following is a CORRECT definition for Inflation ?
A. A current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes
B. A sustained increase in the aggregate or general price level in an economy
C. Reduction of the general level of prices in an economy
D. High increase of price combined with high unemployement and stagnant demand in a country’s economy
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46. The first F1 motor racing driver from India is
A. Karun Chandhok
B. Narain Karthikeyan
C. Yash Aradhya
D. Gaurav Gill
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47. India became a member of the WTO in the year
A. 1990
B. 1992
C. 1995
D. 2000
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48. The first language to be conferred the status of a classical language in India is
A. Sanskrit
B. Tamil
C. Telugu
D. Maithili
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49. Who among the following are the five permanent members of the UN Security Council ?
A. USA, UK, Russia, China, France
B. UK, France, Russia, China, Canada
C. USA, UK, Switzerland, China, India
D. USA, UK, China, Russia, Israel
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50. In which of the following places is the National Institute of Agricultural Marketing located ?
A. Jaipur
B. Mumbai
C. Bhopal
D. Delhi
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52. What type of project is Sewa-III Hydroelectric Project?
A. Moderate
B. Major
C. Small
D. Large
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53. Who among the following is responsible to give information to a person who seeks information under the TI Act?
C. Chief Secretary
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54. The temple of Vaishno Devi is located on the mountain?
A. Nanda Devi
B. Nyegyi Kansang
C. adnnanabh
D. Trikuta
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55. When was for the first time Governor’s rule imposed in Jammu and Kashmir?
A. April, 1980
B. March, 1977
C. December, 1985
D. July, 2000
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56. The Chutak Hydro- electric Project is established on the river
A. Yamuna Suru
B. Suru
C. Narmada
D. Kaveri
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57. Under which section of the state constitution can Governor’s rule be imposed in Jammu and Kashmir?
A. Section 74
B. Section 80
C. Section 92
D. Section 98
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58. Who was the prime minister of Maharaja Hari Singh under the Constitution of 1939?
A. L. K Advani
B. T. D. Rao
C. L. Sindhya
D. M C Mahajan
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59. Shrine of four Lords Gon-Khang is located in which district of Jammu and Kashmir?
A. Kathua
B. Kargil
C. Leh
D. Pulwarna
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60. Which one of the following lakes is connected with Jhelum by a canal near Sumbal?
A. Mansbal
B. Dal
C. Anchar
D. Gangabal
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61. Mamleshwar temple in phalgam is devoted to the Hindu god
A. Kali
B. Shiva
C. Krishna
D. Vishnu
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62. Which one of the following rivers is called as Vetesta in Sanskrit?
A. Ravi
B. Tawi
C. Yapola
D. Jhelum
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63. What is the full form of JKNPP?
A. Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party
B. Jammu and Kashmir National Point Party
C. Jammu and Kashmir New Political Party
D. Joint Kashmir National Political Party
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64. In which year was the Jammu & Kashmir State Right to Information Act passed?
A. 2008
B. 2004
C. 2010
D. 2000
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65. Gulmarg is located in which district of Jammu and Kashmir?
A. Baramulla
B. Doda
C. Kathua
D. Poonch
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66. Who among the following invaded Kashmir on 24 October, 1947?
A. Indian Rajputs
B. Tribal Pathans
C. Sherpas
D. Sindh Brahmins
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67. Which one of the following valleys starts at the base of Zoji La pass?
A. Araku
B. Barak
C. Drass
D. Hirakund
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68. For how long can Governor’s rule be imposed with the consent of the President of India, in case of failure of constitutional machinery in Jammu and Kashmir?
A. 6 months
B. 15 months
C. 3 months
D. 9 months
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69. To whom did Britishers sell Kashmir after it became a princely state in march 1846?
A. Prithviraj Singh
B. Gulab Singh
C. Maan Singh
D. Hari Singh
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70. Which private limited company has been incorporated by the government of Jammu and Kas mir to take care of various power projects?
A. Jammu & Kashmir State Power Development Corporation Limited
B. Kashmir Power Development Limited
C. Jammu State Power Development Corporation
D. State Board of Power Projects Management
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71. Hari Parbat Fort was built by Emperor?
A. Humayun
B. Chandragupta Maurya
C. Shivaji Maharaj
D. Atta Mohammad Khan
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72. What is the power generating capacity of Dumkhar HEP constructed over river Indus on the state economy of J&K?
A. 85 MW
B. 90 MW
C. 70 MW
D. 220 MW
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73. Which of the following activities in Indian agriculture is known as Golden Zest?
A. Maize cultivation
B. Rice cultivation
C. Saffron cultivation
D. Jute cultivation
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74. What is the total power generation capacity of Jammu and Kashmir under central and state sector as on June, 2015?
A. 3000.49 MW
B. 18460.23 MW
C. 2007.56 MW
D. 2672.20 MW
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75. Which of the following places is ‘known as The Meadow of Flowers?
A. Kangra
B. Gulmarg
C. Dibang
D. Neora
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76. Which one of the following is responsible for diseases such as Cholera, Typhoid and Jaundice?
A. Heat
B. Air pollution
C. Water pollution
D. Food items
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77. Most of the energy produced during respiration is stored in
A. Pyruvic acid
B. Carbon dioxide
C. Adenosine monophosphate
D. Adenosine triphosphate
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78. The Ocean thermal energy conversion system that is meant to generate power is most suitable in
A. Sub-tropical region
B. Tropical region
C. Cold region
D. Moderate region
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79. The layer of atmosphere in which the ozone layer lies is the
A. Exosphere
B. Mesopher
C. Stratosphere
D. Ionosphere
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80. A natural consisting of all plants, animals and microorganisms in an area functioning together with all the non living factors of the environment is called
A. Population
B. Community
C. Ecosystem
D. Biosphere
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81. According to Boyle’s Law, if the volume ocupied by a certain gas is doubled,
A. The pressure of the gas will be doubled
B. The pressure of the gas will be quadrupled
C. The pressure of the gas will be remain constant
D. The pressure of the gas will be halved
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82. Thw masure of “highness’ or “lowness” of a musical tone or sound is called
A. Loudness
B. Rhythm
C. Pitch
D. Intensity
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83. Why do foodchains and food webs start with green plants?
A. Because plants can absorb the sun’s energy to produce food
B. Because most green plants are tasty
C. Because most green plants eat other plants
D. Because most green plants are animal eaters
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84. Little leaf is caused due to deficiency of
A. Boron
B. Copper
C. Zinc
D. Phosphorus
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85. Air pollution from autombiles can be control by fitting
A. Cyclone separator
B. Electrostatic precipitator
C. Catalytic converter
D. Wet scrubber
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86. Most os the mass of an atom is concentrated in the
A. Protons
B. Electrons
C. Neutrons
D. Nucleus
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87. A charge of 1 coulomb passing any point in the circuit every second is equal to
A. 1 ohm
B. 1 ampere
C. 1 volt
D. 1 watt
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88. Calcium deficiency in the body occurs in the absence of
A. Vitarnin C
B. Vitamin D
C. Vitamin B
D. Vitamin K
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89. World Water Day is celebrated on
A. 14 July
B. 12 December
C. 23 January
D. 22 March
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90. If the current in a circuit equals 0 A, it is likely that the
A. Voltage is too high
B. Voltage is too low
C. Circuit is open
D. Circuit is closed
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91. Which one of the following is a secondary effect of the force of gravity that produces power?
A. Nuclear
B. Biomass
C. Coal
D. Tides
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92. Which one of the following fuels produces less carbon dioxide when burnt?
A. Natural gas
B. Petrol
C. Diesel
D. Coal
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93. Floating generators are used in the sea to harness?
A. Tidal Energy
B. Wave Energy
C. Hydel Energy
D. Energy from power plant
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94. The mass of one Hydrogen atom is approximately?
A. One atomic mass Unit
B. Two atomic mass units
C. 12 atomic mass units
D. 16 atomic mass units
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95. The speedometer of a vehicle shows which one of the following?
A. Acceleration
B. Average speed
C. Instantaneous speed
D. Velocity
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96. A wave that has a relatively long wavelength will also have a relatively
A. High frequency
B. Long period
C. Large amplitude
D. High speed
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97. What is meant by ‘marble cancer’, due to which the Taj Mahal is turning to yellow colour?
A. Acidic rain which corrodes marble
B. A Large number of Fungi in the marble of the Taj Mahal
C. Yellowing of the marble on account of Soot particles
D. Smoke from the adjoining inrclustries pollute the marble
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98. Hooke’s Law relates to the
A. Distance a spring stretches to the force applied to the spring
B. Distance a spring stretches to the mass of the spring
C. Distance a spring stretches to the density of the spring
D. Density of a spring to the force applied to the spring
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99. Which one of the following physical quantities of an object is specified by its speed and direction?
A. Time
B. Acceleration
C. Mass
D. Velocity
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100. The most common material used in cells is making solar
A. Silver
B. iron
C. Aluminium
D. Silicon
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101. Find the next number of the series 6, 24, 120, 720,…
A. 1920
B. 2880
C. 5760
D. 5040
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102. In a certain language “MANAGEMENT” is coded as “HBOBNUOFNF”, In the same language “MOTHER” is coded as
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103. A two digit number is such that 6 times the sum of its digits is equal to that number. How many such numbers are possible?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
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104. What is the distance covered by a car in 15 minutes, if the car is moving at a speed of 80 Kmph
A. 20 Kms
B. 15 Kms
C. 30 Kms
D. 40 Kms
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105. Direction to answer the question: In the question, a statement is followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. You have to assume everything in the statement to be true, then consider the two conclusions together and decide which of them logically follows the given statement.
Statement:- All students studying in BPS are intelligent and Nitesh is one among them.
Conclusion I:- Nitesh is intelligent.
Conclusion II:- No other college is as good as BPS.
A. Only I follows
B. Only II follows
C. Either I or II follows
D. Neither I nor II follows
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106. Find the next letter of the series B, E, I, N,…
A. V
B. U
C. T
D. S
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107. Ram’s sister is the wife of Neeraj’s wife’s son. How is Ram’s sister related to Neeraj’s daughter
A. Sister
B. Sister-in-Law
C. Mother-in-Law
D. Aunt
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108. A train moving at a speed of 54 Kmph crosses an electric pole in 30 seconds. What is the length of the train?
A. 200 metres
B. 300 metres
C. 450 metres
D. 600 metres
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109. Rajesh is the father of the mother of Ganesh’s sister’s only brother. How is Rajesh related to Ganesh ?
A. Father
B. Grandson
C. Grandfather
D. Uncle
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110. A 10 litre solution contains milk and water in the ratio 2.3 Find the amount of milk to be added to the solution to make the ratio of milk and water 1:1 ?
A. 1 litre
B. 2 litres
C. 3 litres
D. 4 litres
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111. From the given options choose the figure that is similar to the one that is given below.
A. Figure A
B. Figure B
C. Figure C
D. Figure D

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112. From the given options choose the figure that is similar to the one that is given below.
A. Figure A
B. Figure B
C. Figure C
D. Figure D

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113. Jeevan and Raman are 480 metres apart. They started running towards each other at speeds of 2m/sce and 1m/sec, respectively. After how many minutes will they meet?
A. 2 minute and 30 secs
B. 1 minute and 20 secs
C. 2 minutes and 40 secs
D. 2 minutes
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114. Pointing to a photograph, Aneesh says “He is the only son of my mother’s husband’s father”. How is Aneesh related to the person in the photograph?
A. Son
B. Uncle
C. Brother
D. Father
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115. Harshit started a journey in some direction. He walked for some distance before taking a left turn. Again he walked for some distance before taking a right turn. Now he is moving in the North-East direction. In which direction did he start his journey?
A. North-East
B. South-East
C. South
D. North
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116. Subash started from his house, waking in the north direction for 2 kms. Then he took a left turn and walked for another 2 krns. Again he took a left turn and walked for 3 kms. In which direction is he with respect to his house?
A. South-East
B. South-West
C. North-West
D. North-East
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117. The price of 4 different fruits Orange, Apples, Mango and watermelon are Rs.2, Rs.3, Rs.6 and Rs.8, not necessanly in the same order. Watermelon is costlier than only 1 fruit. Mango is costlier than orange but cheaper than Apple. What is the coat of an Apple?
A. Rs 2
B. Rs 3
C. Rs 6
D. Rs 8
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118. Find the next letter of the series A, D, I, P,__
A. W
B. X
C. Y
D. Z
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119. A frog which is trying to come out of well climbs 3mts every minute and slips down 1 mt, the next minute. If the height of the well is 50 mts, how much time will it take to come out of the well?
A. 48 2/3 minutes
B. 50 minutes
C. 49 minutes
D. 47 minutes
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120. Find the next number of the series 4, 27, 16, 125, ___
A. 36
B. 216
C. 49
D. 64
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121. Raj is standing in a row. He is 15th from the left and 14th from the right. How many students are there in that row?
A. 27
B. 28
C. 29
D. 30
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122. In a certain Language ‘ATMOSPHERE” is Coded as “FSFIQTPNUB”. In the same language “LANGUAGE” is coded as
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123. Find the next term in the series BC5, DE9, FG13,__
A. IJ17
B. HI17
C. JK18
D. KL19
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124. There were some coins of Rs. 2 and Rs. 5 denomination. Totally, there were 11 coins and their worth was Rs. 40. How many Rs. 2 coins are there?
A. 5
B. 6
C. 4
D. 8
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125. Starting from his office, Stephen rode his bike 5 kms in the south direction Then he took a left turn and rode his bike for another 12 kms and reached his house. How far is his house from the office, represented in kilometres?
A. 15
B. 17
C. 13
D. 14
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126. Which of the following schedulers is also known as a dispatcher?
A. Long term
B. Medium term
C. Never ending
D. Short term
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127. Which one of the following protocols assigns IP addresses automatically?
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128. Which of the following is a web browser used to access the Internet?
A. Microsoft Access
B. Google Chrome
C. Adobe Reader
D. Flash
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129. Which generation of computers were VLSI microprocessor based in?
A. First generation
B. Fourth generation
C. Fifth generation
D. Third generation
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130. Which of the following input devices is used to read printed text?
D. digitizer
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131. lPv6 addresses are
A. 32 bits
B. 64 bits
C. 128 bits
D. 256 bits
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132. Which of the following files starts MS Word?
A. Word exe
B. Winword.exe
C. Msword.exe
D. Windowword.exe
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133. Gutter margin in Microsoft Word is added to the
A. Top margin while displaying
B. Sight margin while preview
C. Binding side of page while printing
D. Right margin while slide show
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134. Which online storage drive service is provided by Microsoft?
A. One Drive
B. Google Drive
C. MicDrive
D. ICloud
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135. What is a mnemonic?
A. abbreviation for operand address
B. abbreviation for data word
C. each word of a machine language
D. abbreviation for operation to be performed
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136. Which of the following is TRUE for a system software in comparison with application software?
A. They are slower in speed
B. They are less interactive
C. They are bigger in size
D. They are easier to design and understand
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137. RAM and ROM are types of which memory?
A. Cache memory
C. Independent memory
C. Primary memory
D. Secondary memory
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138. What is the speed of a PCI bus on most of the systems?
A. 22MHz
B. 35MHz
C. 33MHz
D. 36MHz
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139. The wheel on the mouse is used to
A. Select
B. Highlight
C. Scroll
D. Shutdown
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140. Which of the following describes Belady’s Anomaly?
A. The execution time increases when more frames are allocated to the process
B. The execution time decreases when more frames are allocated to the process
C. The execution time doubles when more frames are allocated to the process
D. The execution time remains same irrespective of the number of frames
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141. Which of the following describes Coffman’s mutual exclusion condition that leads to dead lock?
A. A process may be allocated some resources while waiting for others
B. No resource can be forcibly removed from a rocess holding it
C. Only one process may use a critical resource at a time
D. A closed chain of processes exist such that each process holds at least one resource needed by another process in the chain
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142. Which one of the following is an objective of the operating system?
A. Makes it complicated for the user to use the computer system
B. De-allocates the memory when the process needs it or still running
C. Acts as a blocking wall between hardware and its user
D. To manage the resources of the computer system
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143. Which of the following is TRUE with reference to hardware and software of a computer?
A. Hardware is the soul and software is the heart
B. Hardware can operate alone, without a software
C. Hardware is a set of programs
D. Software acts as an interface between user and hardware
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144. The header and footer will appear by default on
A. The first page
B. The last page
C. Alternate pages
D. All the pages
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145. Which one of the following is a multi-user computer supporting thousands of users simultaneously and many simultaneous execution of programs?
A. Mainframe
B. Mini computer
C. Super computer
D. Workstation
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146. ISP stands for
A. Internet Service Provider
B. Internet Standard Provision
C. Internet Server Provider
D. International Service Provider
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147. CTRL + J in Microsoft Word is the shortcut used to
A. Align Justify
B. Jump to top of the page
C. Jump to bottom of the page
D. Zoom the page
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148. Which one of the following devices can convert a signal from camera to a series numbers to be stored in a computer?
A. Digitizer
B. Scanner
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149. Which one of the following is an output device in a computer?
A. Joy stick
B. Track ball
C. Microphone
D. Graphic plotter
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150. Which of the following is a reason for process suspension instead of termination?
A. Invalid instruction
B. Memory unavailable
C. Privileged instruction
D. Interactive user request
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