JKSSB Top Questions Expected from the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir

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JKSSB Questions Expected from the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir

In this post we have chosen the most talked about questions from the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir to help you prepare the upcoming examination properly. The visitors are advised to first check their preparation to answer these questions and then look at the given answers, that will help a great deal.

1. Constitution of Jammu Kashmir was enacted on?
A. 26 Oct 1947
B. 15 Aug 1947
C. 17 Nov 1956
D. None of the above
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2. Constitution of Jammu Kashmir came into force on?
A. 17 Nov 1956
B. 26 Jan 1957
C. 26 Oct 1947
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3. Instrument of accession with India by Jammu & Kashmir was signed on?
A. 15 Aug 1947
B. 26 Jan 1950
C. 26 Oct 1947
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4. How many articles does constitution of Jammu & Kashmir have?
A. 200
B. 395
C. 187
D. 158
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5. How many parts are there in constitution of Jammu & Kashmir?
A. 15
B. 21
C. 13
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6. Elections come under which part of constitution of Jammu & Kashmir?
A. Part I
B. Part X
C. Part XI
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7. How many schedules are these are in the Constitution of J&K?
A. 7 Schedules
B. 8 Schedules
C. 9 Schedules
D. 6 Schedules
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8. Which schedule of constitution of Jammu & Kashmir deals with oaths and affirmations?

A. 2nd Schedule
B. 4th Schedule
C. 5th Schedule
D. 6th Schedule
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9. Which section of constitution, describes the Relationship of state with Union of India?
A. Section-4
B. Section-3
C. Section-2
D. Section-5
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10. Under which section Governor rule can be imposed in J&K?
A. Section-92
B. Section-91
C. Section-90
D. Section-93
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11. Which section provides the Limit on Legislative and Executive Powers of state?
A. Section-4
B. Section-3
C. Section-5
D. Section-6
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12. Which Section of constitution of J&K deals with Right to Free and Compulsory Education?
A. Section-18
B. Section-21
C. Section-19
D. Section-20
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13. Which Schedule of J&K’s constitution deals with Regional Languages?
A. Schedule VI
B. Schedule V
C. Schedule IV
D. Schedule III
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14. How many regional languages are mentioned in J&K’s constitution?
A. 10
B. 14
C. 6
D. 8
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15. Which regional language was added J&K constitution by 26 ammendment act 1999?
A. Balti
B. Dadri
C. Gojri
D. Punjabi
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16. Which Section provides for provisions related to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir?

A. Section-45
B. Section-46
C. Section-48
D. Section-47
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17. Which Part of J&K Constitution Deals with Elections?
A. Part VIII
B. Part X
C. Part IX
D. Part XI
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18. The sections of constitution of Jammu and Kashmir dealing with rights of women and rights of children?
A. Section-22 & Section-21
B. Section-22 & Section-21
C. Section-20 & Section-21
D. Section-21 & Section-22
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19. ‘Sadar-i-Riyasat was substituted by word ‘Governor’ in J&K constitution by?
A. 4th Ammendement
B. 5th Ammendement
C. 6th Ammendement
D. 9th Ammendement
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20. ‘Head of State’ in J&K is?
A. Chief Minister
B. Chief Secretary
C. Cabinet Secretary
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21. Executive power of the State of J&K is exercised by?
A. Governor
B. Chief Minister
C. Chief Secretary
D. Chief Justice of J&K High Court
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22. Advocate General of J&K has the right of audience in?
A. District Court
B. High Court
C. Lower Court
D. All of the above
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23. Number of members to be elected directly for J&K Legislative Assembly as per constitution of J&K?
A. 111
B. 87
C. 67
D. 63
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24. Who can nominate women for legislative assembly of J&K?
A. President
B. Prime Minister
C. Governor
D. Chief Minister
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25. Which of the following is correct regarding the 16th Ammendement act 1977 of J&K constitution?
A. Decreased the voting age from 21 to 18
B. Increased the term of legislative from 5 to 6 years
C. Both of the them
D. None of them
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26. Which constitutional ammendement act increased the age of Judges of High Court in J&K from 60 to 62 years?
A. 3rd constitutional ammendement act
B. 5th constitutional ammendement act
C. 6th constitutional ammendement act
D. 8th constitutional ammendement act
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27. Right to property according to constitution of J&K is?
A. Legal right
B. Fundamental right
C. Ordinary right
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28. Emergency on the ground of internal disturbance can be proclaimed in J&K on advice of?
A. Governor
B. Chief Minister
C. President
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29. Any central Law to be applied to the state of J&K need the concurrence of?
A. President
B. State Legislature
C. Governor
D. Both A & B
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30. Which section of the constitution of J&K deals with Right to Compulsory and Free Education?
A. section 20
B. section 21
C. section 22
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