JK Bank PO Banking Awareness Quiz- 1

jk bank quiz

JK Bank Quiz For General Banking Awareness

This is the first banking awareness quiz in the upcoming series of quizzes and mock tests to help the aspirants for the upcoming JK Bank Associate and Probationary Officers posts.
1. A worldwide financial messaging network which exchanges messages between banks and financial institutions is known as
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2. The term ‘Smart Money’ refers
A. Foreign Currency
B. Internet Banking
C. Traveller’s Checque
D. Credit Cards
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3. Which among the following is not a ‘Money Market’ instrument?
A. Treasury Bills
B. Commercial Paper
C. Equity Shares
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4. Which of the following is a retail banking product?
A. Home Loans
B. Working Capital Finance
C. Corporate term loans
D. Infrastructure financing
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5. Technological advancement in recent times has given a new dimension to banks, mainly to which of the following aspects?
A. New Age Financial Derivatives
B. Service Delivery Mechanism
C. Any Type Banking
D. Multilevel Marketing
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6. Which of the following is not required for opening a bank account?
A. Identity Proof
B. Address Proof
C. Recent Photographs
D. Domicile Certificate
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7. What is the maximum deposit amount insured by DICGC?

A. 2,00,000 per depositer per bank
B. 2,00,000 per depositer across all banks
C. 1,00,000 per depositer per bank
D. 1,00,000 per depositer across all banks
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8. With reference to a cheque, which of the following is the ‘drawee bank’?
A. The bank that collects the cheque
B. The Payee’s Bank
C. The endorsee’s Bank
D. The endorser’s Bank
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9. In which of the following fund transfer mechanisms, can funds be moved from one bank to another and where the transaction is settled instantly without being bunched with any other transaction?
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10. Banking Ombudsman Scheme is applicable to the business of
A. All scheduled commercial banks excluding RRBs
B. All scheduled commercial banks including RRBs
C. Only Public sector Banks
D. All banking companies
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11. Base Rate is the rate below which no Bank can allow their lending to anyone. Who sets up this ‘Base Rate’ for Banks?
A. Individual Bank’s Board
B. Ministry of Commerce
C. Ministry of finance
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12. Bad advances of Bank are called
A. Bad debt
B. Book debt
C. Non-performing Asset
D. Out-of-order accounts
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13. Axis Bank is a
A. Public sector Bank
B. Private Sector Bank
C. Co-operative Bank
D. Foreign Bank
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14. Which of the following is the Smartphone app built using UPI interface?

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15. What is meant by financial by financial inclusion?
A. Making available banking services at an affordable cost
B. Opening savings accounts in rural areas without any deposit
C. Opening any type of account without introduction
D. Distributing money through rural branches
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16. The head office of bank of Maharashtra is located in which of the following cities?
A. Kolkata
B. New Delhi
C. Pune
D. Mumbai
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17. The esrtwhile UTI Bank is presently known as
A. ING Vysya Bank
B. Yes Bank
C. Axis Bank
D. IDBI Bank
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18. Which of the following is not a Banking or Finance Company
A. Barclay
B. Lufthansa
C. BNP Paribas
D. American Express
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19. The process of conversion of a physical cheque into electronic form is known as
A. Cheque Negotiation
B. Cheque Endorsement
C. Cheque Truncation
D. Cheque Alternation
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20. A banknote of which a portion is missing or which is composed of more than two pieces is known as
A. A mutilated banknote
B. A counterfeit banknote
C. A Soiled banknote
D. A defective banknote
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