279 Institutes and 23 Fake Universities in India

279 Institutes and 23  Fake Universities in India

Delhi is at the top of fake List with 66 colleges – the highest for any state in India and can be called as fake Capital as per this statistics These colleges are offering engineering and other technical courses without the regulator’s permission. There are 279 such technical institutes across the country and 23 fake Universities.

Now you must be confused how can a working institute be fake- Simply put, these schools don’t have the authority to grant degrees. Certificates issued by such colleges are nothing but a piece of paper.

The number of fake Universities is around 23 among which the Capital alone has seven of  these 23 fake universities, as can be verified from the University Grants Commission website.

In an annual review, the University Grants Commission (UGC) and All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) last month put out a list of such fake institutes on their websites, warning students ahead of the new academic session. So before you try to get admission at some institute it would be beneficial to check this list. As per the review Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharasthra also have a huge number of fake technical institutes.

To ensure students don’t apply to such colleges, the technical education regulator, the AICTE, has also issued notices to these schools for not taking its approval. Public notices are also published in newspapers cautioning the students not to take admission in such unapproved institutions.

Minister of state for human resource development Mahendra Nath Pandey told the Rajya Sabha recently that the ministry had written to state governments to investigate the matter and register police complaints against fake universities.

As can be seen menace of fake institutes is wide and is getting increasingly lucrative, as more students look for higher education to improve their job prospects.

The details of these fake universities and fake technical institutes have been put on the UGC website www.ugc.ac.in and AICTE website www.aicte-india.org. You may check prior to fresh admissions.

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