Questions on Rivers and lakes in Jammu and Kashmir

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Questions on Rivers and Lakes in Jammu and Kashmir

This is the set of questions from the rivers and lakes in jammu and Kashmir, readers are suggested to put the answers in the comments section below and check who answers more.
1. Which river is known as “Veetesta” in Sanskrit?
A. Jehlum
B. Indus
C. Chenab
D. Tawi
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2. Point at which Kishanganga Joins Jehlum?
A. Domel
B. Sumbal
C. Naranag
D. Nubra Valley
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3. Which River is known as “Suryaputri”?
A. Tawi 
B. Chenab
C. Ravi
D. Jhelum
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4. From where the River Tawi Originates?
A. Sicahen Glacier 
B. Shafat Glacier
C. Kali Kundi Glacier
D. Himalayan Glacier
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5. Which among the following is not a tributary of River Jhelum?
A. Vishaw
B. Roumushi
C. Sind Nallah
D. Verinag
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6. Which Lake is located en route to Shri Amarnath Cave?
A. Neelnag 
B. Sheeshnag
C. Kausarnag
D. Mansabal
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7. Zanskar Nullah is a Tributary of which river?
A. Indus 
B. Chenab
C. Ravi
D. Tawi
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8. Which lake is located near hill station Patnitop?
A. Tarsar
B. Anchar
C. Surinsar
D. Sanasar
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9. Which river is known as Iravati?
A. Tawi
B. Ravi
C. Ujh
D. Sindh
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10. Tulbul Navigation Project was built on which lake?
A. Wular Lake
B. Dal Lake
C. Ganbagal Lake
D. Mansabal Lake
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11. Kishanganga river Originates from?
A. Doda
B. Gurez
C. Pir Panjal
D. Mansravor Lake
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12. Which is the largest fresh water lake of India?
A. Pangong ISO
B. Walur Lake
C. Pangong TSO
D. Manasbal Lake
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13. Which is the deepest lake of India?
A. Dal Lake
B. Manasbal Lake
C. Wular Lake
D. Sanasar Lake
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14. Which Lake is situated at the foothill of Mount Harmukh?
A. Hokarsar Lake
B. Gangabal Lake
C. Manasbal Lake
D. Sheshnag
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15. Neelnag is located in which District?
A. Srinagar
B. Anantnag
C. Badgam
D. Ganderbal
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16. The Uri Dam is located on which river in Jammu & Kashmir?
A. Beas River
B. Chenab River
C. Ravi River
D. Jhelum River
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  1. Please review Q5….
    i think you have entered wrong answer, when Verinag is a tributary of river Jehlum, it orginates from the famous Verinag.

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