Top 10 Questions Expected from RTI Act in JKSSB Examinations

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Top 10 Questions Expected from RTI Act in JKSSB Examinations

These are the top ten questions expected in JKSSB examinations from the RTI Act. These questions have been prepared along with responsive answers to provide the best learning experience.

1. When the RTI Act was first enacted in J&K?
A. 7th Jan, 2004
B. 7th Jan, 2005
C. 6th Jan, 2004
D. 6th Jan, 2005
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2. In which Language, we can file the RTI application?
A. Urdu, Hindi and Dogri
B. English, Dogri and Urdu
C. English, Hindi and Urdu
D. English, Punjabi and Urdu
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3. Under which section of RTI Act 2009, an applicant can make a request for obtaining Information?
A. Section-5
B. Section-7
C. Section-6
D. Section-4
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4. How many chapters are there is J&K RTI Act 2009?
A. 4 Chapters
B. 5 Chapters
C. 6 Chapters
D. 3 Chapters
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5. As per J&K RTI Act 2009, Who is a Third Party?
A. A person who makes request for information
B. A person about whom request for information is made
C. A person other than citizen making request for information
D. Any party other than citizen making request for information
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6. Which Chapter deals to Right to Information and Obligation of Public Authorities?

A. Section III
B. Section II
C. Section IV
D. Section I
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7. Which section provides for removal of State Chief Information Commissioner?
A. Section 11
B. Section 14
C. Section 13
D. Section 12
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8. Which section provides for Obligation of public authorities?
A. Section-2
B. Section-5
C. Section-3
D. Section-4
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9. Which section deals with the Jurisdiction of courts?
A. Section 21
B. Section 20
C. Section-22
D. Section-19
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10. Which Section provides relief to Information Seekers for Protection of Action taken in good faith?
A. Section 18
B. Section 19
C. Section-20
D. Section-17
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