JKSSB Naib Tehsildar (NT) Previous Paper Fully Solved- Part III

JKSSB naib tehsildar previous paper

JKSSB Naib Tehsildar (NT) Previous Paper Fully Solved- Part III

61. Who among the following became thee President of All India States People’s Conference in 1939?
(a) J.P.Narayan
(b) Jawahar Lal Nehru
(c) Sheikh Abdullah
(d) Sardar Patel
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62. Lowest recorded temperature in India is at?
(a) Leh
(b) Kargil
(c) Kaza
(d) Drass
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63. The highest motorable mountain pass is?
(a) Chang La
(b) Khardung La
(c) Rohtang Pass
(d) Digar La
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64. Who is responsible for introducing ‘Chinar’ tress in Kashmir ?
(a) Jahangir
(b) Gulab Singh
(c) Ranjit Singh
(d) Shahjahan
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65. The Hari Parbat fort was built by:
(a) Hari Singh
(b) TodarMal
(c) Akbar
(d) Karan Singh
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66. Kalhana who chronicled the history of Kashmir lived between:
(a) 1079-1151 AD
(b) 1025-1097 AD
(c) 1193-1247 AD
(d) 1108-1167 AD
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67. The ‘Benthe’ is a:

(a) Dance performed by Lamas
(b) Buddhist worship
(c) Dance performed by Gujars and Bakerwals
(d) Monastery in Zanskar
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68. ‘Jabro’ dance is performed in:
(a) Hunza
(b) Changthang
(c) Nubra
(d) Kargil
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69. Who was lead actor in Hindi Film “Kashmir Ki Kali” ?
(a) Raj Kapoor
(b) Sunil Dutt
(c) Shami Kapoor
(d) Raj Kumar
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70. Who among the following Generals led an assualt in Ladakh during Sikh Kingdom ?
(a) Hari Singh Nalwa
(b) Zorawar Singh
(c) Shaitan Singh
(d) Gulab Singh
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71. Pandrethan in Rajtarangani refrers to the present day?
(a) Jammu
(b) Srinagar
(c) Pahalgam
(d) Leh
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72. Gyalpo in ladakh refers to the?
(a) King
(b) Head Lama
(c) Incarnation
(d) Monastery
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73. The largest and most famous monastery in Jammu & Kashmir is:
(a) Spituk
(b) Lamayunj
(c) Herois
(d) Henley
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74. Who is the founder of Jammu city?
(a) Hari Singh
(b) Ranbir Singh
(c) Raja Jambu lochan
(d) Ramachandra-I
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75. The only sapphire mine in India is located at:
(a) Chushul
(b) Paddar
(c) Ratnagiri
(d) Amarnath
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76. The Speaker can ask a member of the House to stop and let another member speak. This is known as:
(a) Decorum
(b) Crossing the floor
(c) Interpellation
(d) Yielding the floor
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77. The year in which census was not conducted / held in J&K State was
(a) 1971
(b) 1981
(c) 1991
(d) 2001
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78. As per 2001 Census, Jammu and Kashmir had a density of population per sq. km.:
(a) 99
(b) 110
(c) 25
(d) 150
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79. In the Kashmir valley, first train started running between :
(a) Badgam and Anantnag
(b) Anantnag and Srinagar
(c) Jammu and Srinagar
(d) Doda and Anantnag
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80. Which is one of the Lowest inhabited regions of the World?
(a) Jammu
(b) Ladakh
(c) Srinagar
(d) None of these
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81. The length of Chenab river is:
(a) 1000 Km
(b) 1180 Km
(c) 1250 Km
(d) 1400 Km
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82. During the summer season, a cool wind descends from the Shiwaliks in the night which is known as:
(a) Dadu
(b) Loo
(c) Ruzka
(d) None of these
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83. Which district of Jammu Division has the largest area under forests ?
(a) Baramullah
(b) Anantnag
(c) Kargil
(d) Doda
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84. Which district of J&K has least area under forest?
(a) Poonch
(b) Badgam
(c) Kargil
(d) Rajouri
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85. Dogra’s ethnic group of Jammu Division belong:
(a) Aryan
(b) Buddhist
(c) Gaddies
(d) Bhotias
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86. Which district of J & K has the highest saffron cultivation?
(a) Anantnag
(b) Srinagar
(c) Pulwama
(d) Leh
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87. Which is one of the most ancient industries of Jammu and Kashmir ?
(a) Iron ore
(b) Papa
(c) Silk textiles
(d) Cotton textiles
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88. In which year, the silk factory at Rambagh Srinagar was established?
(a) 1897
(b) 1911
(c) 1921
(d) 1947
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89. Who was the founder of Rambagh Silk factory in Srinagar?
(a) Raja Ranbir Singh
(b) Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah
(c) Bakhshi Ghulam Mohammad
(d) Raja Karan Singh
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90. Which is the second main economic activity in the state of J&K?
(a) Agriculture
(b) Tourism
(c) Industry
(d) Fishing
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