JK Bank Recruitment of 250 POs and 1200 Associates Quashed

JK Bank Recruitment Quashed

JK Bank Recruitment of 250 POs and 1200 Associates Quashed

Jammu and Kashmir administration has quashed the ongoing process of recruitment for 1200 banking associates and 250 probationary officers on 27 February 2020. The administration working under LG has asked the finance department to advise the J&K bank to initiate a fresh recruitment process for these posts through the IBPS.

To remind readers and aspirants, the ongoing recruitment process which has now been scrapped was also conducted by the same examination body– IBPS which is now supposed to initiate a fresh, fair, norm-based and transparent recruitment for these posts.

On the recruitment process of J&K Bank, Kansal informed that the issues had been ongoing since 2018 and noted that various legal infirmities had been pointed out in the ongoing process. The Council, he said, therefore, directed the Finance Department to advise J&K Bank to initiate a fresh, fair, norm based and transparent recruitment for 250 Probationary Officers and 1200 banking Associates in the J&K Bank through the IBPS.

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Earlier in 2018, the Bank received approximately 1.47 lakh applications including 37,500 for the post of Probationary Officer and 1,07,300 for the post of Banking Associates. Applicants paid a fee of Rs. 1000 per application, which roughly estimates to Rs. 15 crore. An application fee of Rs. 1000 will always be a significant amount for an unemployed youth, who if teaches in a school of valley is normally paid a meager Rs. 4000 per month.

Now, the joker administration claims that the entire recruitment process will be completed on a fast track basis within three months. The detailed formalities and announcements in this regard will be finalized by the bank in its next board meeting.

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Anyways, stay connected and we shall update you about the latest announcements from the JK Bank recruitment process.

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